Coalition issues statement on Constitution Pipeline Co. V. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Contact: Zack Hutchins (518.465.7511) or Darren Suarez (518.465.7511)

For Immediate Release: August 18, 2017
Statement may be attributed to “New Yorkers for Affordable Energy”

“From the beginning of this process we have repeated the fact that natural gas is clean and affordable and its use lowers energy costs and creates jobs across the state.  Today the coalition reaffirms its support for Constitution Pipeline and urges the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Constitution team, in the interest of New Yorkers, to move forward with this project.

According to a recent API report, natural gas is powering over 4.4 million homes and more than 400,000 businesses while at the same time contributing a whopping $20 billion to New York’s economy.

New York must lead the way when it comes to supporting clean, reliable and affordable sources of energy. New York must not throw up road blocks to building the infrastructure necessary to ensure all of our state’s energy consumers are able to access our nation’s abundant natural gas resources.”

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